rock groups I have on album Hey, groovy guys & gals, here's a list that's gonna change your lives. It provides invaluable insight into which bands stink and which are the ultimate cool. Or were, that is. I don't know how many of these are available via CD.

SkafishGarbage I didn't create this to help you great unwashed out. This was assembled to shut up several friends of mine, the only others whom I've ever known who really had the same taste in music as I have. Yes, I grew up completely surrounded by people who like any top 40 garbage that the man programmed onto the radio for them.

The same logic is being followed today. How the hell can the same people like the Knack that like some scummy popsingers? (I only happened to stumble onto the Knack playing their old hit, while flipping channels during commercials in whatever tv show I was actually watching, and then watched zero more of that "music" show.) How can one be judged against the other?

That's like having a "Political Systems" tv show, with a studio full of partying doofusses choosing between freedom, communism, national socialism, and islamic terrorism according to how well they can dance to each. Huh? Obviously some people like to live under totalitarianism and support killing random people but the people who like those things aren't the same people who like freedom. Terrorism is never a choice on our election ballot here. People who like it live in Afghanistan.

Likewise it's imbecilic to mix rock and any other type of music. People with lousy taste in music may find they can bop to an occasional rock song but they really prefer the same slop their parents and grandparents liked. My (scummy-tasted) friends used to utter, "He's not a very good singer," when I'd play some of my music. So what? Who gives a rat's ass about voice? "Rock singer" is a contradiction in terms. If you care how a singer sounds, go down to choir practice and leave us decent-tasted people alone!

I remember being back on the schoolbus in high school when a dreadful, old, slow-slop song came on the radio, and a friend said to everyone around him, "Ha ha, remember when we all liked that awful old hit?" and everyone else agreed with him. No, I never liked it! I always despised it and was miserable suffering through the torture of hearing it all around me, against my will, from the day it first came out.

When I was a little kid, I despised music. I didn't realize much rock & roll existed. I'd hear one decent song, every once in a great while, in amongst the hundreds of torturous tunes I had to listen to. "Rock & roll" stations would only play one song off any decent album and then bury it under a ton of ballads. There is no such thing as a rock ballad! That's like saying "a kind terrorist." It was years before I found that there actually was more rock around, I simply never got to hear it. (Boys generally didn't buy records back then; that was a girlie thing to do. And all the records that my sisters bought stunk.)

Skafish The following list wasn't created to give you punks out there info on which bands of the past were rock and which were sure-as-heck not, to counteract the effect of misleading album covers. I assembled it to shut up my few friends who, although similarly-tasted, liked to claim that they were providing as much rock for me to tape off them, as I was for them, let alone that they were taking as many chances by buying unknown bands as I was. Balogna. I ended up having to buy more and more "experiments" because they kept breaking our agreement and buying all our old favorite bands' new albums themselves.

On top of that, they liked to claim that they bought pretty much as many albums as I did. What utter nonsense. I owned over 1,500 albums. The two brothers, whose musical tastes were pretty much the same as mine, counted their records together. Huh? Even assuming that one brother owned twice as many albums as the other (while, in actuality, each bought close to the same number as the other) that would still mean that I owned more than each brother. And the other couple guys, whose musical tastes overlapped with ours a bit, didn't come close to buying our amounts.

So most of my reviewing comments are attached to the lesser-known groups. Most of the unreviewed bands were favourites of all of us. But that's not always the case. Some of the listed bands without comments tacked on were groups which we all disliked. (Please don't try to understand how I ended up with albums by known crummy artists.)

I guess other people get rid of the albums which they don't like and never play. I don't. I don't think my friends did either. Though one did sell me one once. I listened to a Baby Buddha album over at his house once. I liked it but he couldn't stand it.

Cyndi Lauper Bönzö Dög Hey, this list is not complete. Baby Buddha isn't on it (except in reference to another band.) Nor are the B-52s! There must be some real holes in here, if I could leave out a band I have thirteen albums of (counting foreign versions.) And my 2nd-favourite-all-time group & its related entities are also missing! (Bonzo Dog, etc.)

It's also missing a whole page, from upper D to lower H. I've stuck in my preliminary notes instead but must still be missing about nineteen groups. Was I gonna stick the B-52s under F to be funny? Oh well, I guess I should be happy I'm not missing even more. Any of you readers out there are welcome to come straighten out my basement for me.

I did sometimes comment on bands we all knew but just for fun. Man, it was hard coming up with worthwhile things to say about lots of these groups. So, whenever I did think of something to say, I threw it in. And some of these phrases are simply quips aimed at my friends. Have fun telling which are serious and which are jokes.

Yes, I could now exert a little more effort and turn this into an even more useful rock list but, eh, why should I bother? The only reason I'm turning this twenty?-year-old list into a web-page at all is because I'm looking for something to do, while listening to rock, which doesn't require much mental effort. Likewise the various links. There is no organization to them. I just added a few here & there for fun. No, I have not added in any of the stuff I've since bought on CDs either. Why bother?

scam Ok, now I've just added a way for you out there to feedback. Yeah, I know you can't look over this page without having an overwhelming desire to comment. Go ahead. And I've started adding (italicized) comments about about a few more bands but only started. Plus added in some of the missing bands.

rock groups I have on album

'Like my collection? A F U      thrash
A.S.H.      thrashorama
A(bove) T(he) C(louds)      Swedish metal
Abba       I liked them for their acronymical naming
Accept      heavy metal. Now this is German rock.
Terry Adams      too sweet
Agent Orange      power pop to rock
Airkraft      English new wave
Akira/Seiji      these nips make Pere Ubu sound normal
Alarm      decent rock
Alaska      commercial UK rock
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias
Willie Loco Alexander      repressed but great new wave
Willie "Loco" Alexander & the Baboon Band      pop to marginal Boston rock   just one example, of many, of erratic quality differences between someones various incarnations.
Allied Forces       good Dutch metal. All Dutch metal is good. Blazes, all metal is good, no?
G G Allin & the Jabbers      bouncy hardcore
Amboy Dukes
Amen Corner      marginal
American Breed      blah
America's Hardcore      speed thrash metal
Amon Düül      I like it
Angel & the Reruns      amusing R&R (sort of Blondiesque)
Angel City      Ozzie hardrock
Angst      new wave
Animals      blah
Antietam      Louisville/Hoboken hard pop
Appliances-SFB      Wisconsin punk
Art Bears      sound effects
Art Failure      English power pop
Art Phag      funny garage punk
Art, the Only Band in the Word      hard pop
Asylum Choir
Attrition      not unlike Lene Hagen
Baby Buddha
B(achman) T(urder) O(verdrive)
Bakersfield Boogie Boys      great
Richie Balance      rock
Ballistic Kisses      (one of the records I hadn't listened to in 2 years until making this list. Hey, don't laugh!) heavy technopop
Bangles      mindless pap
Barnes & Barnes
Bastards      competent hard rock
Beach Boys      mostly poopop
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Plastic Ono Band
John Lennon
Yoko Ono
Elephant's Memory
George Harrison
Traveling Wilburys
Paul & Linda McCartney
Denny Laine
Ringo Starr
Anti-Smack Band
Beatnigs      the first lousy Alternative Tentacles record I have, not rock, boring bizarro
Jeff Beck
BeeGees      like you don't have all their albums, too
Pat Benatar
Chuck Berry      repetitive
Big Black      Evanston speed metal
Big Boys      from metal to jazz "hardcore"
Big Country
Big Daddy      demented pop
Big Dipper      Massachusetts speed metal
Big Spender      unimaginative rock
Ivor Biggun & the D. Kups
Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg      for those special moments
Black Flag      speed metal
Blacklace      Italian or British metal (American?)
Fred Blassie      oy
Debbie Harry
Bloodsport      Chicago rock
Blue Cheer
Blue in Heaven      decent newave
Blue Orchids      a Greek album but obviously British newave. I wish I could read the liner notes.
Blue Öyster Cult
Bow Wow WowBombay Beach Boys      demented surf
Bon Jovi
Bow Wow      Japanese metal
Vow Wow      I just now noticed my 2nd album by Bow Wow calls itself Vow Wow--same band, different transliteration
Bow Wow Wow     good for Eurorock, ok in short doses, how many groups have ex-Burmese? This slop is as good as Lwin is cute...sort of. (Sorry, Dave, my "Rock Around the World" claimed she was from Cambodia. Oops!)
Box Tops     stink
Boy Dirt Car     Wisconsin bizarro
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart     as big as they were, how'd they disappear?
Breaking Circus     heavy Minneapolis rock
British Lions
Arthur Brown('s Kingdom Come)     not as crazy as we'd like
Puddletown Express     no better than his crazy world
Brownsville Station     boring
Bruce & Terry     old surf
Bubbi & das Kapital     Icelandic moody metal
Buddhist Delight     Baby Buddha goes hardcore
Bullet Lavolta     metal
Butthole Surfers     Dale & I dig hardcore stuff
Buzzards     good Chicago hard rock
D L Byron     R & R revival?
D C Lacroix     gritty rock'n'roll
Cabaret Voltaire     sorta Flying Lizards
Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids     good. I wish I had the "Flash Cadillac & the Continental Pigs" single.
Cake     mediocre girl singers
Mick Cancer     Philly rockabillyCheap Trick
Cancerous Growth     Massachusetts hardcore speed metal
Captain Sensible     UK powerpop
Jim Carroll Band     urban rock
Caustic Cause     speed surf metal
Channel 3     hard surf rock?
Charles De Goal     French technopop metal
Chatham Dutch     technopop
Cheap Trick
Cheech & Chong
Cherry Cake     Wisconsin psychedelic rock
Chris & Cosey     technopop
Civil Dissident     Aussie thrash
Civilixed Society?     UK speed metal
Clash     communist ska
Cliche     Orange Country rock
Clock D V A     English odd rock
Clown Alley     speed metal
Clox     commercial Chicago rock
Joe Cocker
Leon Russell
Crabtree [according to the album label] / Cold Steel [according to the album cover]     fine metal   bands change their names but not usually between the album cover and the label inside :) Alice Cooper
Colts     new wave
Comsat Angels     English newave
Alice Cooper
Gus Cordovox Quintet     Camden surf Zydeco
Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Couch Flambeau     sound like Wisconsin Crucifucks
Count 5     (Count 5 himself is from Indy.) a psychedelic Pacemakers
Count Floyd     pop
Jess Cox     UK rock
Crankshaft     speed hardrock
Creedence Clearwater Revival     I like to claim my taste in music has not changed but this once was my 2nd favourite band.
Critical Attitude     speed metal
Crossfire     Flemish hardrock (So what if one album was sealed after 2 years? I have more metal than you.)
Crucifucks     *****Lansing hardcore that's actually funny, varied, & great metal
Cruel Circus     UK powerpap
Crysys     heavy metal
Culture Shock     UK ska
Chris D(Flesheaters, X, Gub Club, Blasters)/Divine Horseman     rock
D.C. 3     ok rock
D R I     hardcore
Dada     not rock, bizarro but too wimpy
Daddy Cool     my 1st chance taken on an Aussie group, boring rockabilly
Floyd dakil Combo     Texan surf
Darxon     German metal
Avis Davis     German one-man hardrock
Spencer Davis Group     blecch
Day After     Long Beach barband
Dead Kennedys
Dead Milkmen     odd rock, occasionally pretty good
Deaf School     punk to pop but could be worse w/ 3 singers (only) & a sax
Mickey Dean & de Vunderfoolz     Icelandic power pop/rock, English lyrics
Death of Samantha     not worth what I paid but ok Cleveland hardrock
Death Sentence     Canadian fast metal
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Kiki Dee Band     ok pop
Deep Freeze     How much metal can Peter have?! Here's another
Deep Purple
Deep Throat     Deutsch heavy metal
Def Leppard
Defoliants     Chicago hard new wave
Demon     British metal with strings
Depraved     UK. hardcore
Derek & Clive     porno
KROQ Devotees
Dicks     hardcore, like an ok Capt. Beefart
Dinosaur     competent Massachusetts newave "ex-hardcore"   I don't like jams
Dire Straits
Disappointments     Michigan thrash
Distributors     English new wave
Don Dixon     decent rock
Dr Bombay     new Jersey wave
Dr John
Don & the Goodtimes     rock
Don't No     speed metal
Double Barrel     PU
Julie Driscoll     total scum
Dream     Massachusetts metal
Dreamer     Chicago rock
Dreamers     sound like a typical commercial LA kids band
Drunk with Guns     garage metal
Dummy Club     Wisconsin punk
Ian Dury (& the Blockheads)     I like syncopation
EF Band     altho the fan club's Scottish, the group appears to be Swedish
Earth Quake
Eddie & the Hotrods     run of the mill barband
805     commercial powerpop
Electric Light Orchestra
Fact     apparently Central European
Falco     hail Dale
Roderick Falconer     commercial rock
Fanny     notable only for being an early female rock band
Mick Farren
Flamin' Groovies Fate     Danish commercial rockFlamin' Groovies
Fixx     better than Dale thinks Flamin' Groovies
Flamin' Groovies
Roy Loney
Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers
A Flock of Seagulls     I didn't say all the missing groups were worth noting
Flying Lizards
Forever More     for a collection this large, one takes some blind chances
Kim Fowley
John Fred & his Playboy Band     pooey
Tuli Kupferberg
Ed Sanders     not like Fugs
Garrison & Van Dyke     ok but curse Springsteen for encouraging these guys Girlschool
Genesis     how'd I forget them?
Gerry & the Pacemakers
Ghostly Trio     not rock but good for Xmas
Nick Gilder
Gary Glitter
Jane Wiedlin     not rock but good
Grand Funk Railroad     the 1st metal band?  certainly the most boring
Grapefruit     prepowerpop
(Mighty) Groundhogs     I should be embarrassed for forgetting these good bands
Guess Who
Gun     undistinguished
Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Shrieve
Nina Hagen (Band)
Hallows Eve     good Atlanta speed metal
Halo of Flies     gritty metal or Capt. Beefheart?
Hammerhead     reminds me of Crow
Peter Hammill     from ok commercial rock to the slimiest pop poop
Hapshash & the Coloured Coat
Harrier     British metal
Sensational Alex Harvey Band     truly sensational
S A H B w/o Alex     marginal jazz
Alex Harvey--The New Band     he sure still rocked
Hated Principals     fast metal
Haunted     laid back Montreal rock
Headpins     good Vancouver metal
Richard Hell & the Voidoids     one step above rockabilly
Hellion     metal
Help     Dutch heavy metal
Herman's Hermits
Tremblers     good rock
High Risk     Heart/Tull/metal
Höh     Icelandic dance music, no worse than American, probably no worse than the Ice Cubes
Jools Holland     I don't care for rockabilly
Hollywood Stars
Holy     Texas? punkcore
Honeymoons     not unlike Fake (one guy same)
Hot Date     metal disco to pop (a lounge act, I suspect)
Hot Doggers     surf
Hot Luck     Chicago power pop
Hüsker Dü     melodious hardcore
Michael Hutchence (Ears)     good hard rock
Hysteria     UK heavy rock
Idle Race
Electric Light Orchestra
Jeff Lynne
Ill Repute     bouncy punk
I'm So Hollow     hypnotic English punk rock
Impact     Dutch hard metal
Impulse     Dutch metal
Incest Cattle     hardcore
Innocents     decent rock
Inocentes     Brazilian punk
Instigators     good UK punk rock
Invaders     UK. rock
Iowa Beef Experience     bizarro
Iron Butterfly
Iron City Houserockers
Jaded LadyJaded Lady J F A     speed metal
Joe Jackson     not my cup of newave
Jade     Canadian metal
Jaded Lady     all-girl metal
Jags     newave
Jaguar     hard rock
Tommy James (& the Shondells)
James Gang
Joe Walsh
Jefferson Airplane     marginal
Garland Jeffreys     decent rock
Jet Black Berries     hard psychedelic rock
David Johansen     ugh, I guess the problem is that I'm hetero
Robin Johnson     no Quatro but better than Dave thinks
Bruce Johnston     old surf
Joined Forces (Hunzz)
Jonee-Jonee     Icelandic wierdo music, the sort of bizarro stuff you decry my collection for consisting largely of   [it doesn't]
Howard Jones     commercial UK. powerpop
Judas Priest
Ju-Ju's     Michigan bubblegum
Justic League     hardcore
Juvenile Behavior     newave
K 4     lovely UK space punk
K G B Chicken     demented
Kannibal Komix     ungreat psychedelic pop but I'd like to see their movie; I'd like to see Firesign Theatre's, too
Kasenetz-Katz...     I have to have something to play for my bopper guests
Katrina & the Waves
Kazoos Brothers     I tired of this fast
K(ey) West     Belgian? metal/jive rock
Kick     ok journeyman rockband
Greg Kihn
Killer     good Belgian metal
Jonathan King
Dave Davies
Klang     Dutch new wave
Knickers     marginal Rhino girlgroup
Knucklehead     Philly? thrash
John Kongos
Fran Kowalski (& Prix)
Kraut     solid rock
Die Kreuzen     Wisconsin metal
Kukl     Icelandic jazz metal--contains English, a bad sign in itself
Kenn Kweder     more Philly rockabilly
David LaDuke's Sinbad     decent Louisville rock(abilly)
Lady Pank     Polish ska
LaHost     not the UK metal I expected but sort of spacerock
Landscape     "new romantic" "similar to Kraftwerk" sounds technosalsa to me, ok for a changeCyndi Lauper
Lois Lane     commercial Chicago rockCyndi Lauper
Robin Lane & the Chartbusters     pretty good Boston rock
La Souris Déglinguée     French rock
Blue Angel     let the 50s die
Cyndi Lauper     she rocks dang it
Laxative     Dutch rock
Lazer Band     good Chicago hardrock
Lazy Cowgirls     good rock
Le Griffe     (I'm glad I'm doing this; another sealed) british metal (record)
Leaving Trains     decent rock--basic, good, no faggot artism but not punk
D J Lebowitz     piano covers of punk
Led Zeppelin     this is hard rock, folks, not metal
Robert Plant
(Legendary) German Shepherds     Dick Clark's head would explode if he heard this "music"
Julian Lennon Lt. Pigeon
Dave Lewis     organ fun ('63)
Jerry Lee Lewis     he rocked but he's country now
Lieutenant Pigeon
Erik Lindgren     marginal Boston R&R
Lipscream     Japanese thrash
Liquid Pink     good Wisconsin rock
Litter     Minneapolis driving rockLene Lovich
Little Richard     he rocked but this album doesn't
Live Skull
Jackie Lomax
Lene LovichLone Wolf
Lonely Boys     power pop
Lothar & the Hand People
Loudness     Japanese metal but vocals sound like typical commercial LA singer
Lene Lovich
Nick Lowe     no, I'm not impressed by sessionmen
Lucifer's Friend
M & R Rush
M D C     speed metal
MX-80 Sound     punk minus melody
Jack Mack & the Heart Attack     sort of rock, sort of, naw
Mad Max     Deutsch metal
Madness     not rock but some ok
Magazine     I thought they were powerpop; fortunately I was wrong
Maggie's Madness     germanic (Belgian?) metal
MainEEaxe     British heavy metal
Makers     Westchester CA "power pop"
Malibooz     surf
Manic Subcidal     speed metal
Manfred Mann     blah
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Marching Girls     "punky/power-pop" Enzedders cum Aussies
Marshalls     Boston powerpop
Martyr     Dutch hard rock
Material Issue     Chicago newave
Matteson All Stars     standard bar band
Dan McCafferty     oops, rubbish
Gerald McMahon     ok new wave
Meat Puppets     mongoloid country?/thrash
Medicine Head     yes, Dale has made some good recommendations
Medium Medium     English jive boogie
Megas & Íkarus     Icelandic hard rock
Melanie     hey, everybody has some Melanie
Melvins     metal
Men w/o Hats
Neil Merryweather
Hilly Michaels
Micronotz     Kansan hardcore
Mighty Mofos     competent Minneapolis? newave
Hayley Mills
Minutemen     hardcore
Missing Persons
Adam Mitchell     I got this cheap as a joke for the title "Redhead in Trouble," and that's the only decent song.
Mizutama Shobodan (Polka Dot Fire Brigade)     Japanese thrash pop
Modern Eon     English power punk pop
Money     commercial Ohio metal
Monty Python     a bit of "rock"
Moody Blues
Tim Moore     It looked like rock but it's country (I guess.)
Motels     darn good rock
Mothers (of Invention)
Frank Zappa
Geronimo Black     boring
Aynsley Dunbar     more boring
Mott (the Hoople)
Ian Hunter
Mouth & MacNeil
Mox Nix     thrash
Muffs     Ohio power pop ála Rubettes
Mungo Jerry
Music Explosion     are they still around in different bands?
Music for Pleasure     English new wave
My 3 Sons     Canadian rock
N G S     speed metal punk
N R B Q     how many wavers can play in 5/4 time? [ask Kelle]
Naked Prey     metal
Naked Raygun     Chicago new wave
National Lampoon     lotsa good
Naughty Sweeties     LA boogie
Neighborhoods     new wave
Nerve Tube     great Canadian new wave
Neurosis     speed metal
New Model Army     UK hard rock
New Regime     speed metal
New Vaudville Band
Randy Newman
Nightmares in Wax     English punk rock
(Harry) Nilsson     thanks, Marshall
1910 Fruitgum Co     Dave loves 'em
Jack Nitsche     good for soundtrack music
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper     erratic but sometimes rock
Nixon's Head     standard Philly rock
No Control     thrash
No Fx     speed metal
Neil Norman     boogaloo rock
Nu Kats     LA power pop
Ted Nugent
Gary Numan     what happened to him?
O N S     hardcore punk
October Faction     bizarro punk; hey, did Dale & Rog make this?
Odd     good Chicago rockabilly
Ohio Express     cross between Devo & Pretenders
Oingo Boingo
Danny Elfman
Mike Oldfield
Old Skull     preschool punk
Ollie Olsen (Whirlywirld)     Australian post-punk new music nicely odd
O(range) D(onut)s     thrash
Ornamental Wigwam     Philly cadets
Robert Ellis Orrall     good rock, I should buy more
Robert Orsi (Scratch Band)
Outcasts     San Antonio garage rock
Outlets     real rock
Outo     Japanese hardcore Pajama Slave Dancers
Overkill     speed metal
Painted Willie     rock
Pajama Slave Dancers     Massachusetts ***** very varied stylistically
Pakalameredith     marginal
Pandoras     female punk; another Runaways? sure
Pantra     all-girl metal (New Jersey so ugly)
Paranoia     (speed) metal
Graham Parker     Dave likes him?
Passionnel     jazz rock, led by movie soundtracker so Dale'd love; need I add: poop
Pearl Harbor     marginal pop
David Peel & the lower East Side     very marginal
Penis Brigade     hardcore
Pere Ubu     these guys are capable of rocking
Perma-buzz     decent Chicago rock
Personality Crisis     hardcore
Peytons     Boston newave
Pezband     wrong decade
Phantom Tollbooth     psychedelic
Phaze Shifter     nice spacerock
Picture     Dutch metal
Pin-Up     Dutch power pop
Pink Fairies
Ron Geesin & Roger Waters     only one really good song
Pink Lady     what happens when you take a chance on a promo album with a couple cute gals on the cover? yeah, you end up with a dance LP
Plan 9     Rhode Island psychedelic pop
Planet Wave     Dutch jazzrock
Wendy O Williams
Plasticland     Milwaukee psychedelic, grew on me
Poison Idea     speed metal
Polyrock     infectious dance club pop; hey, don't laugh
Pool     one-man band, Patrick Keel, former Bubble Puppy; power-pop/dance
Pop     LA newave
Pop Group     British punk
Popsicles     power pop
Positively 13 O'clock     Texan rock
Prats     British newave
Preachers     LA garage band
Precious Wax Drippings     Chicago psychedelic
Pretty Things
Primitive Calculators     punk
Prism     nice Vancouver rockHarum
Private Lines     pretty good commercial rock
ProcolProcol Harum     my aberation
Matthew Fisher     yick
Proctor & Bergman     some rock
Professor Anonymous     infectious Boston rock & ½
Protex     Northern Ireland new wave
Psychodrama     Dale's head would explode if he heard this "music"
Purrkur Pillnikk     Icelandic punk
Pussy Galore     boringly extreme punk
Quasar     not British metal (damn Hegewisch!) I never liked Yes
Suzi Quatro
Queen of Hearts     Woodland Hills metal (produced by Merryweather)
Quiet Riot
Quincis     Dutch ska
Qworymen     sure better than most Beatles take-offs
Radio 5     English new wave
Gilda Radnor
Rain Parade     psychedelic--yeah, I guess so
Philip Rambow     (ex-Winkies)
Ramones     boring punk
Ravyns     commercial rock
Razzia     more German rock
Reactions     good Cleveland rock, "power pop" my eye
Roger C Reale     (Rue Morgue)
Red Herring     Canadian new wave with an attitude
Red Rockers     commercial rock
Red Square     rock
Redd Kross     neo-psychedelic
Redpoint     Dutch AM rock
Lou Reed     I still can't figure out which is supposed to be the one good cut on Metal Machine Music
Reflectors     Flying Lizards when Rocking
Terry Reid     too progressive
Renaldo & the Loaf     "Primitive modernism; energetic, obnoxious noises" eh
Renegade     California spics metal
Residents     too complex for Dale
Revenge     good Dutch metal, nice chick vocals
Paul Revere & the Raiders     under-rated
Rhythm Mission     good Canadian new wave, odd edge
Rich Kids on LSD     good, fast metal
Jonathan Richman
Riot Squad SA     South African punk
Rip Chords     surf, of course
Brian Ritchie & the Ghostly Trio     Wisconsin bizarro
Johnny Rivers
Robert's Rubbish     a Dutch Madness
Rolling Stones     I bought a lot of their stuff before I finally gave up on them
Nicky Hopkins     blast, I wish I could've found Andy Newman's album; now he's a listenable pianist
Mick Jagger
Eric Rose     Boston guitar virtuoso--pooey
Rough Cutt     commercial metal
Rox     UK metal
Roxy Music
Bryan Ferry
Rugbys     stink
Cherie (& Marie) Currie
Joan Jett (& the Blackhearts)
Lita Ford
Todd Rundgren
Ruts     I still regret not buying "Sit on my Face, Stevie Nicks" 45--solid rock     Oops, that was by the Rotters, none of whose albums I have.
S O B     Dutch rock
S W A     rock, not just thrash
Sue Saad & the Next     run-of-the-mill newave
Saboten     a female Japanese Devo?
Saccharine Trust     hard punk
Sacred Cows     speed hardrock
Sacrilege     speed metal
Sacrilege BC     a different group but related somehow--an offshoot?
Sadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika BandSadistic Mika Band
Sado Nation     thrash punk
Greg Sage     (Wipers) rock
Saint Vitus     hard rock
Saints     rock
Saints' Anger     Belgian heavy metal
Judy Saiya     decent New Jersey rock
Salem 66     Massachusetts female-rock so how bad can it be?
Samson     British metal; Quo-influenced
Sapphires     ok Chicago new wave
Satan Jokers     French metal
Savage Circle     Italian rock
Michael McGear
Mike McGear     finally some rock
Scaired Straight     thrash
Jimmy Scarlett & the Dimensions     metal with sax
Scratch Band
Scream     UK hardrock to ska
Screamin' Sirens     "all girl country-rock"--hick accents make it country? balogna; sounds like good rock to me
Suzie Seacell     demented pop
2nd Thoughts     thrash
Section 25     English classic punk
Seducer     good Dutch metal (there are 2 different Seducers)
Seismic Waves     New York? speedmetal thrash
Seizure     Connecticut thrashcore punk
Sex Pistols
Sid Vicious
Shades     Chicago rock Shaggs
Shadows of Knight
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet     surf pop
Shangri-las     I heard their rock on the radio but it ain't on these!
Shell Shock Shannon     cross between Blassie & Fischer
SkafishShemps     Wisconsin thrash
Allan Sherman
Shit SA     Spanish hardcore
Shock     good technopop for a "former mime troupe"--oy!
Shockabilly     New York punk
Shocking Blue
Shonen Knife     ***** Japanese all-girl rock
Shriekback     UK powerpop
Sidewinders     Boston R&R
Siouxsie & the Banshees
Slammin' Watusis     Chicago rock
Slow Children     "hyper dance rock"--not quite as bad as that sounds
Sluggo     Cincy speed metal
Sly & the Family Stone
Small Faces
Ian McLagan Patty Smyth
Smart Pils     UK punk
Patti Smith (Group)     I'm no fan but some ok stuff
Patty Smyth
Snakefinger     Captain Beefheart?
Sniff 'n' the Tears     "new romantic" or whatever this drivel was called
Sodaneva     Japanese Ventures?
P J Soles     my fave rock singer...topless
Sonics     unsophisticated old rock
Sopwith Camel
Soul Dads     if the Dead Kennedys were negro, they'd sound like this?
Soup Greens     rock Halfnelson
Spartan Warrior     English metal
Spiderworks     speed metal Spinal TapSpinal TapSpinal Tap
Spikes     good Aussie rock
Spinal Tap
Jay Ferguson
Spizzenergi 2     British new wave
Split Ends     Florida rock; perhaps they should sue the other ones
Spooky Tooth
Squares     Wisconsin rock
Squeeze     is this rock?Status Quo
Squires     rock
Squirrel Bait     Louisville rock; pretentious singer but that's not uncommon
Stains     hardcore
Stanya     Icelandic electronic rock; maybe the apparent Icelandic trend towards synthesizers is because Iceland has too few people to populate many regular rock groups
Status Quo
Ray Stevens     hey, Bridget the Midget is so rock
Rod Stewart     I'm so glad I listened to Hoyer
Stikky     goofy hardcore
Stingray     South African? hard country-rock (ie not great)
John Stokes     Dutch rock
Stooges     borrring
Iggy Pop
Stranger than Fiction     English new wave
Straw Dogs     damn good rock
Strike     Italian metal
Stukas over Bedrock     toilet-mouth speed-metal
Styx     commercial poop
Subterfüge     Vegas? new wave
Summer     LA newave
Surfaris     yeah, this is what rock's all about(?)
Lord Sutch
Syren     Scandinavian? metal
Systematic Death     Japanese speed metal
T K O     heavy metal
T S O L     standard good rock
Tales of Terror     fast metal
Talking Heads
Tangerine Zoo     Rhode Island psychedelic
Tank     metal
Marc Tanner Band     jazz/blues, not rock
Bram Tchaikovsky
Teaze     American metal with synthesizers; with LPs dead, it's nice to still have albums like this unopened around my house
Television     newave
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra     now this band knows how to rock with kazoos
Terveet Kädet     Finnish punk
Tex & the Horseheads     "swamp-rock blues"; that's meaningless enough that I won't argue
They Must be Russians     English rock
Þeyr     Icelanders, like Russians, think jazz is rock; as a song title says, "boogie;" odd; jazz punk
Things that Creeped-n-Crawled Right Out-o-the Ground     Cramps wannabees
Thor     metal
3 Dog Night     I know Knezes have at least 1 of their albums, too
3 Stooges
Throbbing Gristle     argh!     jazz
Thrush & the Cunts     not unlike the Cramps
Thrust     Chicago? metalTina Peel
Thunderclap Newman
Speedy Keen     very marginal
Tina Peel     punk pop
Tingling Mother's Circus     top 40 covers singing group
Tiny Tim
Tobruk     commercial metal     not unique songs but not enough metal bands feature pipe organ
Together     Dutch metal
Tora! Tora!     metal
(Tom Troccoli's) Dog     dissonant metal
Trouble     commercial/bluesy rock     blues is not rock
John Trubee (& the Ugly Janitors of America)     not rock but great
True Confessions     Canadian power pop     quite good R&R, unexpected from the cover
Trust     French hard rock     rock can be sung in French; who'da thunk it?
Tubeway Army
Tuff Darts
Crossfires     preTurtles surf rock
Tuxedomoon     what you'd expect a group named after a Zappa song to sound like
12th Night     commercial UK metal
28th Day     ethereal new wave
Twerpoderps     Okinawan metal
Dwight Twilley     "early Beatles" ha! but ok powerpop
Twisted Sister
Twisters     Redondo Beach rock
T(yrannosaurus) Rex
Tysondog     good UK metal
Ulysses     Dutch rock
Urge Overkill     Evanston hard rock
Urgent     commercial rock, not bad
Uriah Heep
V(oice) O(f) A(uthority)     speed hardrock
Luc Van Acker     Adam & the Lizards
Van Halen
David Lee Roth     I figured he'd suck after leaving V H but he rocksVenus & the Razorblades
Vanilla Fudge
Venom     UK metal
Venus & the Razorblades
Villanelles     ok rock
Virgin Prunes     good punk
Virulence     speed metal
Virüs     British hardcore metal
Visual Discrimination     unimaginative speed metal
Volcano Suns     Massachusetts rock
Elvis Von Borman     no better or worse than the other 4 Rhino "Elvis Impersonators"
Vonbrigði     Icelandic punk
Vortex     Dutch hard rock
Wack Mags     elemental Philly rock
Wackers     like a million other bands
Dudes     I hope Dave didn't recommend this to me; former Wackers slag
Wah! Heat     English club power pop
Waitresses WaitressesWaitressesWaitressesWaitressesWaitresses
Warning     Dutch hard rock
Paul Warren & Explorer     good new wave
Rusty Warren     disappointing
Warum Joe     French punk
Waysted     decadent metal
Wazpp     wierdo pop
Wedge     LA surf
Wednesday Week     female power-country-pop + guy guitarist
Weirdos     LA speed metal "punk" what's the difference?
lotsa recordsLisa Whelchel     rocks my pants off
Vince Whirlwind
White Heat     Flemish? hard rock
White Lie     hardcore
White Wreckage     Pittsburgh hardcore
Who     how can anyone consider this pop group the 1st metal band???
John Entwistle     1 good song
Keith Moon
Wig     Texan rock
Wild Blue     commercial rock
Wild Knights     LA rock
Wild Man Fischer
Wild Man Jr     pretty close
Scott Wilk + the Walls     plenty good newave
Da Willys     bluesy
Winos     garage band
Ada Wilson & Keeping Dark     English power pop
Wire     British dance punk
Wishniaks     Philly REM-wannabees
Wizzguy     Dutch metal
Roy Wood's Wizzard
Link Wray     hard rockabilly
Wreckless Eric     boring
Würm     speed metal
X T C     x is a good letter for newave bands
Yello     bizarro technopop
Yip Yip Coyote     are they really copying Bow Wow Wow? were B W W big enough to be copied?
Adrian Zmed     believe it or not, he can actually R&R
Zombies     why'd I listen to Greg?
Zounds     British new wave

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