Gary Tribune, Friday, 26 March, 1909


Ivan Kojevski Arrested by Officer Newman--Bill Amounts to $12.50.

It is not enough that the people of Gary refrain from spitting on the sidewalks. The ordinance makes spitting in a public building a crime punishable by the same fine, and Ivan Kojevski is the first man fined for the offense. He was arrested in the post office Saturday by Officer Newman, and this morning was fined $2 and costs, amounting to $12.50.

Officer Newman had been waiting to arrest the first offender in the post office, and while going in to get his mail last night he picked up Kojevski.

When brought to trial Monday, Kojevski pleaded not guilty, and declared that as long as he did not spit on the sidewalk he could not be fined. After the testimony of several people who were present at the time of the arrest. Justice Fitzgerald assessed the highest fine, $2 and costs.

Hobart Gazette, 21 June, 1918

A plan is on foot for the establishment of a motorboat service between Gary and Miller beach via. Grand Calumet river. The plan originated with P. M. Finch who will place motorboats in service if permitted by the city of Gary to use the river for that purpose. A motorboat will beat a jitney ten to one.

[Hey, this would've been fun! Come on. Won't somebody set this up for me?]

Chesterton Tribune, Thursday, 4 July, 1918
Testing the first gun turned out by the new gun plant recently erected here took place Saturday. The testing took place in secret and only the higher officials of the company were present. A report is being made to the military authorities in Chicago. A number of the officials of the American Bridge works, including Manager P. W. Seyl and assistant manager Chas. J. Walker, were in Chicago Monday and could not be found to make a statement regarding the testing.

The new gun plant was completed only a few weeks ago at a cost of more than a million dollars and all possible speed has been made in order to get the plant into operation turning out guns in as large numbers as possible.

If the test Saturday of the first gun proves successful work will be started immediately on government orders.

[So the federal government started all our troubles here with guns.]

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