Pete's bridges page

These snapshots have been split into several separate albums. I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere for structural drawings and discussions of bridge design theory but you can find a few snazzy, little photographs, if you follow the links.
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Created August, 2005.

Tripod's albums are normally set to act as the default Web-pages for their directories but I have created this home page, which overrides that (for this main bridges directory,) to link the different albums together.
I have hundreds of bridge pictures snapped on many different trips. Let's see how many of them I get posted up here and how long it takes me, eh? :)
Most of my Tripod Web-pages have links to my e-mail account but here, if you wish to contact me, leave a comment in one of the albums, and I shall eventually see it. I'm sure that those of you who also receive hundreds of junk e-mail messages per day can relate.