translated Bill of Rights We Peaceably law, religion, freedom of the people, your participation is the point of human rights and media committee, we are building a free government to clearly apply to the exercise of remedies, we are people who are limited to those Japanese who are determined to promote freedom.

Free state militia regulations, security, weapons and people, not people, we need to maintain human rights violations.

War and peace between the owner provides a home to hang in there without the consent of the soldiers of the law.

Warranty, people actively, affidavit or paper, our actions and attacks, people with many other players, and for each product, the appropriate support, many interactions are specific Locate the point loss.

Some people, the capital, people are the only answer, other services are open board naval militia war and our public land, a compromise to meet the training is the plight of the notorious criminals is not deemed to be sent; witnesses to step forward and force the two Earl 2-11, 2,1,2,2 single life is needed to cover the necessary properties for the same crime and the cost of one of two places The first two of three risk of loss of one foot free of crime. Will be taken off the property without fair compensation to the private key.

All criminal prosecutions, the accused, identified in court by the criminal law and human rights and impartial jury of the last notification, is said to enjoy the natural criticism, promised to speed up the release of the following actions: to have; please be faced with compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in order to support the defense counsel as a witness against him in his favor.

If the general rule is not actually said Crane, the court is the law in the United States, have stood to fight, the general rule on September 20, one of this value of the jury, the jury by employees of the image is determined again. . Dollars is required.

Excessive bail, excessive fines, cruel and unusual punishment adopted.

The defendants in the correct order is listed in the Constitution, is denied to maintain a particular interpretation.

Power, the United States Constitution, even in the United States, it is the U.S. delegation is not prohibited by the individual will be reserved for people.